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Product Details:
Product Length: 8.5 inches
Product Width: 8.5 inches
Product Height: 17.0 inches
Product Weight: 3.26 pounds
Package Length: 17.0 inches
Package Width: 10.0 inches
Package Height: 9.5 inches
Package Weight: 3.45 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 1360 reviews

Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 1360 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

441 of 457 found the following review helpful:

5Best system I've ever seen, then and now.  May 04, 2012
By George R Richardson "Byte Doctor"
I have two cats and two litter boxes, one upstairs, one downstairs. Started with one Litter Genie - would give it 6 Stars if possible. Bought a second unit so I didn't have to transport between the two locations. Scoop is a little small, but have another that works well. One suggestion I would add is to tie the bottom bag knot so it is on the inside of the bag, then push to bottom of unit. To me, it was a "logical" way of doing things and seems to add stability to the filled bag when you remove it from the unit.

It has been almost two years since I submitted this review. I still have high praise for the Litter Genie, and would/have recommended it to many of my friends. I even gave my second unit to one of them, but he gave it away (heaven only knows why.) I moved to a garden apartment about 18 months ago, and no longer needed two units. With only one cat now, I only have to replace the bag about every two weeks, and there is no odor released from the unit in between bag replacement. Still a definite 5-star purchase.

193 of 203 found the following review helpful:

5four cats, no smell  Jun 20, 2012
By melissa
This thing...okay, I was skeptical. But it is absolutely fantastic. I have four cats and multiple litter boxes, but the ones that by far get the most traffic are the two in my bathroom. I scoop multiple times a day so that the house doesn't smell like litter box, and the litter my picky cat will use isn't flushable. I was using some sort of "airtight" trash receptacle with regular plastic grocery bags and could still constantly smell the contents.

Enter Litter Genie. With four cats, one bag only lasts me about a week (just for those two boxes), but the smell is gone. I've one cat in particular that...well, let's just say you can smell it down the hall after she's finished. I just run in and pop it in the Litter Genie, and it even handles THAT.

The little scoop holder didn't actually fit like it was meant to, but I couldn't really be bothered to care. It's small, but what I've discovered is that it fits the opening quite nicely, so you aren't spilling everything all over the place trying to dump it in. And it's so easy to change out the bag. I'm thinking of getting another one for downstairs!

77 of 83 found the following review helpful:

3Excellent for the first few months, then does begin to smell  Sep 11, 2013
By kari
We have 2 cats, and the litter boxes are downstairs in a separate room in the basement. To cut down me having to walk up to the trash all the time (I check/scoop litter boxes multiple times a day), we got this. We've had it 8 months. In that 8 months, for the 2 cats, I need to empty it weekly. We're on the 5th refill. It is super easy to assemble and use (I am familiar with diaper genie of similar design) and I actually like the scoop it comes with and it attaches fine.

However, the last 1-2 weeks it has started to smell like a cat bathroom in the room downstairs. Not like litter, and not like fresh poo/pee (not an accident) - just that old stale cat pee/poo smell. I cleaned everything and finally realized it was the litter genie. I emptied it, cleaned it and the smell is just still there (actually, the diaper genie has this issue too). It just smells after a prolonged period of use. Most of these reviews are written after a month or so - and back then I would have raved about this. But now...if I can't get that smell out of there (I will try a few other cleaning methods), it's back to plastic grocery or ziploc bags. It is now outside on our patio, and the smell inside has gone away.

173 of 199 found the following review helpful:

4Overall a great product-refills kind of pricey, though.  Oct 06, 2012
By ShyKitten
I've only had this a couple days, but I think for the most part it's awesome.

Common complaints made me skeptical of the litter genie, but I went on impulse and bought it anyway. Boy, am I happy that I did!

-Assembly was easy and straight to the point. I'm not sure why so many people had problems with it.

-I think the scoop is good quality. But then again, I normally get the dollar store scoops. (hey, it's for cat poop.)

-It's compact, but large enough to hold a lot of poo. I also like you can pick which side to put the scoop and holder on.

-No odor, it's awesome.

My only complaint, though it is a sufficiently large one: is the refill prices. $12? Seriously? I bought the thing for $16! I almost feel like I should just buy a new genie every time, and try and sell the old used one for $12. For a multi-cat household who needs a new refill every 2-3's not financially reasonable. It's plastic. Up the price of the unit to $25 and sell the refills for $5.

128 of 155 found the following review helpful:

3Does the job, but cheap construction  Mar 14, 2013
By C. Davis
I saw the commercial on TV and decided to give it a try. It was pretty easy to setup, though the whole bag thing is a bit odd. Basically, the bag cartridge is about 14 feet of plastic. You "create" the bottom of the bag with a knot. You then push the tied off bag to the bottom of the bin. Pull out the grey odor shield and scoop the stuff in. The shield is spring loaded so it basically closes off the plastic to prevent the odors. When it is full, you use the cutting tool built into the inside of the container to slice the bag and tie a knot on top to seal it off. Then another knot to create the bottom of the next bag... and repeat.

If you use a clumpling litter and have multiple cats, it will not take long to fill up the genie container, and the cost of the bag cartriges will likely be overwhelming. Others mentioned using small trash bags, so I might try that too.

The white plastic of the Litter Genie is really flimsy and instead of using latches to hold things close, it uses flimsy tabs that do not keep the top of the unit securely closed. After setting mine up, I picked it up to move it and the bottom of the container (where the litter goes) swung open. I tried to bend the tab out to make it a tighter fit, but it didn't work. So now, I am more consiously aware of where I pick it up from. It would have made a mess had there been any litter/droppings in the bin when it happened.

I am not giving up on it yet as I like the idea, so we'll see how it works with trash bags (or if the price of the cartriges drops).

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